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LJ Woes

For some reason LJ Mobile won't work on my phone anymore since they did their little renovation. Grr. Now that I want to LJ a lot I can't because it won't work. I hate Metro PCS.


Growing Up

People tend to ignore the big shift that happens to kids between 8-12. They have all these emotional changes and people start to treat them differently because they are not little and cute. No one will push them on the swings. And they get told that they are to big to act like a baby.

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Truth of the Matter

If you have a friend that says that they are trying to save you from embarassing yourself what that really means is that they are embarassed by you.

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My vanity plate

I would want TOFU. Not only because I'm a vegetarian but because some states won't allow people to pick this feeling it might be interpreted as something offensive. Stop coddling people and let them come up with there own conclusions,offensive or not. I plan to get a bumper sticker saying TOFU and pop it right next to my license plate, how about that?

Where is my bloody LIKE button?

I wish LiveJournal had a like button like Facebook for times I like something and have nothing to say. Which is often. Maybe I'll just start typing in comments, "LIKE". I'm sure everyone will love that.


Michael Jackson's Kids

Debbie Rowe, the kids mother said that the children aren't biologically his which is not surprising. I have never doubted that he ever wanted children that looked like him before all his plastic surgery and skin lightening.

But here is what I noticed after watching footage of his kids. They were very blond when they were younger and now all of them have just plain brown hair. I saw footage today a glimpse of the top of one of their head when they were blond and I saw roots. Really dark choppy roots like when you are a bleach blond with dark hair.

WTF was he doing to these kids... bleaching their hair from the time they were toddlers? Why is it they brought all these child molesting charges against him but never thought to bring Child Protective Services for these children who were in some sort of danger. Bred so he could buy the perfect little lover. There. I said it.


The Black White Supremacist

Leo Felton must have been Dave Chapelle's inspiration for The Black Ku Klux Klan leader sketch on his Comedy Central show.

Leo Felton born to a white mother and a mixed race father who considers himself to be black, became a White Supremacist. He even went as far as to have the word "skinhead" inked into his shaved scalp in inch-high Gothic letters.

It's not that he didn't know his father or know his racial make up. Not only was Leo teased as a kid for being mixed, when his father divorced his mother after two years, he married a black woman and had Leo's half siblings, five brother's and two sisters.

So his mother, who was a nun for seventeen years, married a black man and then became a lesbian living with a Jewish partner. What would make him turn into a nutbar that claims he is 1/4 English and 3/4 Italian and down with White Power?

The world is full of crazies.

Leo's Father Calvin Felton


What can I say... it's true.

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Saturday Was A Fun Movie Day

Yesterday I took Cookie to go see Sita Sings The Blues at The Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville PA. It's the same place where they filmed the 1958 film The Blob and where they conduct a Blobfest every year where they reenact the famous scene.

The movie was great. It's the story of Sita and Rama, written about in the Ramayan. Basically when Rama and Sita were banished from Ayodhya for 14 years to the forest Sita gets stolen by the Demon King, Ravana. He takes her captive on his island Lanka and tells her that she has two months and if she does not give in to share his bed and become his wife she will be chopped up and made into a stew. She gets rescued by Rama but is then rejected by him when the village doubts her purity after being with Ravana for that long. He forgives her but then when they find out she is pregnant he doubts her again and banishes her to the woods. She gives birth to twins, Lav and Kush, in a hut with the sage Valmiki, where they grow up learning songs praising Rama. When Rama finds her again he says she can return only if she performs a last test of her purity.

The movie is made with 1920's songs by Annette Hanshaw. Nina Paley's animation and Hashaw's songs are a perfect marriage.

There are two other features in this film. There is a narration by three characters that are animated by shadow puppets. They are just three folks trying to tell what they know about the story of Rama and Sita. They are very funny. Then there is scribbles animation style which shows Nina Paley's story of love woes with her husband Dave who went to India for a few months for a job but ended up wanting to stay and dumping Nina.

It's a great film and if it's in your area I would say watch it. It's great for everyone and I loved that everyone in the theater couldn't help but laugh out loud, included my Cookie who hasn't stopped talking about the movie.

For those of you in NEW YORK: They will be giving the movies on PBS 13 on Saturday March 7th at 10:45pm on Reel13.

Cookie has been singing the songs all weekend long. Yeah, me too. Can't help it. They are catchy. YouTube has four of the songs and you can watch them in order HERE.