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Venting Station

Bitchfest Continues

18 February 1974
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I've tried and tried and tried to think of things to say about myself but frankly if you what to learn about me just read the bland journal.

Or you could ask me... asking is good.

Or you could call me on the phone... but not after ten, I still have dial-up.

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Date Created:2003-12-18
Number of Posts: 2,959

Nedra Zeall lives in a world of her own creation. She is a tiny little woman with a tiny little brain. She will eat yours for dinner.
Strengths: Kind to animals. Not people.
Weaknesses: Bladder. Talk about Sir Pee-a-lot.
Special Skills: Eating her weight in food.
Weapons: Growling bitch stare.
You Should Love Her Because... : She will beat you up if you don't.

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